Senator Doubts Curt Schilling's Bloody Sock

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The only senate Republican to oppose the Iraq War, Rhode Island's Lincoln Chafee's never had much use for conventional wisdom. So when news broke yesterday that former Red Sox pitcher (and outspoken conservative) Curt Schilling had secured a $75 million loan from the state to start a video game company, Chafee, now running for governor as an independent, went on the radio in Providence and let his displeasure be known.

"I just remember his teammates didn't like him," said Chafee. "They thought he was a bit of a salesman. I remember one of his teammates said he painted his sock, the bloody sock, he painted it. [His teammate] Kevin Millar, I think, said that. I don't know if I trust Curt Schilling."

This is the second Schilling-related gaffe by a New England politician this year. In January, Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley was ridiculed for calling Schilling "a Yankee fan."

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