Rolling Stone Hires Ozzy Osbourne for Health Column

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Rolling Stone has begun soliciting questions for its newest health columnist: Ozzie Osbourne. For decades, the 61-year-old heavy metal singer was sex, drugs and rock n' roll personified. Consequently, he thinks he's the perfect man for the job:

"If people can learn from my stupid mistakes without having to repeat any of them, or if they can take some comfort from the crazy things my family has been through over the years ... that’s more than enough for me," Osbourne said in the Times of London.

The fact that Osbourne is a medical marvel was punctuated by reports last week that researchers want to map his DNA to determine why "decades of substance abuse" haven't killed him.

Surprisingly, Osbourne already has a health column at the Times of London, so this isn't uncharted territory—something The New York Daily News' Anthony Benigno touched on:

It isn't the first instance of stars taking up the journalism game. U2 frontman Bono has a column for the New York Times, and rapper Lil Wayne blogged for And it isn't the first time Rolling Stone has ushered a star onto its writing staff: Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump reviewed the CD/DVD release 'The Ultimate Peter Tosh Experience' in 2009.

We're assuming he won't be prescribing bat heads to Rolling Stone readers but, at this point, who knows.

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