Pele Mocks Maradona's 'Bizarre Lifestyle'

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Pele may be best known to American soccer fans as the Brazilian legend who brought the game stateside. Maradona, the man whose Hand of God won Argentina the quarterfinal against England in the 1986 World Cup. While each embodies the essence of their soccer powerhouse countries, both vie for the title "greatest player ever" in the eyes of admiring fans. So it's no wonder the two have had a contentious relationship since, well, the beginning.

As if on cue, with their respective countries on the road to the World Cup final, Pele has breathed life into his rivalry with Maradona. Commenting on the Argentinian player-turned-coach and his "lifestyle" (Maradona is famous for his excessive cocaine use), according to Soccernet, Pele said, "He is not a good coach, because he had a bizarre lifestyle which cannot go down well with his team."

Could it be merely a ploy to bring about drama for the Argentines before what's sure to be a rough match with Germany? Perhaps. Before this latest comment, Maradona responded to a previous Pele jab at his coaching abilities by saying the Brazilian should be in a "museum." Keep an eye out for his retort this time.
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