New Ice Cream Flavors: Foie Gras, 'Jesus Juice'

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It's a hot Fourth of July long weekend, which means that Americans across the nation will be enjoying ice cream at their annual barbeques, picnics, and parades. But if San Franciscan ice cream store owner Jake Godby has anything to say about it, you'll be eating something much different than the typical chocolate or vanilla. The New York Times Magazine's Elizabeth Weil profiles Godby and his unusual ice cream flavors. And when we say unusual, we're not kidding.

Godby’s palate favors salt, booze and meat. Each day he scoops 10 to 12 of his hundred-plus ice cream flavors, favorites including Jesus Juice (red wine and Coke) and Boccalone Prosciutto. Godby also produces novelties in the what might be called the nose-to-tail dessert paradigm: duck-fat pecan pies, foie-gras ginger-snap ice cream sandwiches, treats that incorporate odd animal parts. On occasion, next to the register (cash only), he sets out a glass-covered cake stand filled with brownies. Nobody buys them. As Godby, in his uniform of long green shorts, blue apron and white Chuck Taylors, explains, "I can’t sell cupcakes to save my life."

Other fun flavors include "Secret Breakfast, Salt & Pepper, Hibiscus Beet" and much more. His store, Humphy Slocombe, is located at 2790 Harrison St in San Francisco's Mission District.

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