Morning Vid: Steve Carell Hijacks The Colbert Report

A feel-good reunion

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You may know him as Michael Scott, but to those earlier apostles of the cult of Jon Stewart, Steve Carell will always remain a favorite correspondent of the Daily Show's early days. On Wednesday night, Carell returned to his faux-news roots, making his first appearance on the Colbert Report alongside fellow Daily Show alum Stephen Colbert. Carell tweaked his old colleague in the introduction to a "Carell Corral" ("My guest Steven Colbert is definitely not a 40 year old virgin...he's 46!"). The duo later joined to recreate Carell's Daily Show interview segment "Even Stevphens." Even Colbert had to admit that "bantering with an old friend about mindless tinseltown pablum is a welcome vacation from substance."

CARELL: Is it awkward to interview me?



COLBERT: Stephen, I am thrilled to have you on my show, I just hope you're not uncomfortable

CARELL: Stephen, of course I'm comfortable, I'm the one who moved on, grew up, while you hung around tricking perfectly nice people into saying stupid things.

COLBERT: Steve, I am thrilled for your success. Hell, I'm amazed by it. Nobody who knows you saw this coming.

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