How Wes Anderson Would Adapt 'God of War' Video Game

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Movies based on video games are all the rage these days. Max Payne, Resident Evil, and most recently Prince of Persia have all been adapted into major studio releases. Now Universal Studios is planning a film version of God of War, the popular series of video games wherein the player fights through a mystical version of ancient Greece. Whoever directs the God of War film will probably hew closely to the game's ethos of violence and more violence. But if celebrated indie auteur Was Anderson took the helm?

Wes Anderson's sensitive but quirky films, such as "Rushmore" and "The Royal Tanenbaums," have earned him a dedicated and adoring following among people who probably do not play a lot of video games. So it took the geniuses at to mock up this surprisingly nuanced trailer for a fake Wes Anderson adaptation of God of War.

The Atlantic Wire is not familiar with the video game at hand, but this evocation of classic Anderson is spot on.

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