Hemingway Estate Releases Shoe Line

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Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway's greatest novels documented the emptiness of modern society and the heroism of Marxist rebels in Spain, so he might be less than thrilled to learn that his estate is now releasing a line of Hemingway shoes.

Shoe producer Thomas Raymond & Co. has already distributed 30,000 pairs in advance of the full launch this fall, reports the Bozeman Daily Chronicle's Samantha Booth via prominent literary critic Matt Sisto. There are least three Hemingway shoes: The "angler," the "literary," and the "sportsman." No word on whether a "submarine hunter" shoe will be added to the line.

The shoes are produced in cooperation with Patrick Hemingway, the author's now 82-year-old son. Patrick, who bizarrely refers to his father by their shared last name, professed, "Hemingway was very fond of loafers. ... A lot of celebrity endorsements are phony, but not in this case. Hemingway had a great sense of style. He especially loved leather boots from Madrid." Patrick added, "I love that you can wear these without socks. I hate socks. Hemingway hated socks too."

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