Happy Hour Vid: A-Rod Apathy?

Chris Hayes weighs the impact of baseball's steroid years

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Does the muted response to Alex Rodriguez's quest for 600 home runs mark the start of a new age of sports fan apathy? Substitute host Chris Hayes and Nation sports editor Dave Zirin discussed the issue on The Rachel Maddow Show. They touched on one strong possible explanation—steroids:

ZIRIN: [Alex Rodriguez] is the Courtney Love of major league baseball. They find him embarrassing and past his day. And there's a reason for that, and it's a very simple one. It's because he`s an admitted steroid user. And so to talk about Alex Rodriguez's 600th home run is also to cast light on the entire steroid era...

HAYES: Yes. You know, I want to talk about the steroid era because it occurs to me that in some respects, what happened in the steroid era was almost as kind of it kind of prefigured all these scandals and corruption we had throughout the decade.

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