Glenn Beck 'Outraged' at Michelle Obama's Dress

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Glenn Beck is many things: an entertainer, a novelist, and a an occasional fountain of tears. But Beck showed off his not-so-delicate fashion sensibilities on Thursday while appearing on "The O'Reilly Factor." The amateur fashionista -- decked out in a stylish suit and rectangular eyeglasses reminiscent of Rachel Maddow's -- slammed Michelle Obama's wardrobe selection during her recent visit to the Gulf, accusing the First Lady of wearing an “all white with black splotches” dress in order to “relate” to the spill.

Beck: One more thing. The most Marie Antoinette I have ever seen of anything with Michelle Obama. Did you see the dress she was wearing when she went down and toured the oil spill?

O’Reilly: I did not.

Beck: This is good stuff. She looks like — who pulls this dress out of the closet and says ‘you know what I’m going tour the oil…’cause I can relate. It’s designer dress that is all white with black swatches all over it.

O’Reilly: You don’t think she was dressed appropriate for the oil spill?

Beck: I think this is an outrage. Look at the dress!

O’Reilly: Its an outrage?

Beck: Oh its absolutely and outrage!

O’Reilly: I love you. Laura ingraham came on here last night and said that Michelle Obama’s garden is a left wing plot. Now you are saying Michelle Obama’s dress is an outrage?!

H/t NY Mag's Daily Intel

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