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Conservative news site The Daily Caller has just snapped up the ideal Web domain to criticize left-wing pundit Keith Olbermann: The site's founders, Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, announced the acquisition on Wednesday night:

The Daily Caller, one of the fastest-growing online media properties, announced today its acquisition of, expanding the company’s global reach into a new segment of the online political market.  For more than six months The Daily Caller has been a recognized market leader in commentary about Keith Olbermann. Ruth Graham’s weekly Olbermann wrap-up, “We watch, because we're paid to,” appears on The Daily Caller’s website each Friday.

“We plan to make The Daily Caller the one-stop online shop for Keith Olbermann commentary,” said Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson.  “We will be THE Keith Olbermann superstore.”

“This is part of our long-term growth strategy,” added Publisher and CEO Neil Patel.  “Our future acquisition targets include several other annoying cable news commentators.”

Olbermann was quick to respond via Twitter. By the looks of it, there will probably be lawyers involved:

Regarding @TheDailyCaller and I hope whoever sold it to them got CASH.less than a minute ago via Twitterrific

Also regarding @TheDailyCaller and - the law's pretty clear on this, so, nice waste of money, Tuckie. #p2 #tcotless than a minute ago via Twitterrific

Other responses from around the web:

  • You Surprise Me, Keith! writes Steve Krakauer at Mediaite: "It’s surprising that in this new media world – where Keith Olbermann is the feed – he, or a representative of him, doesn’t personally own his own namesake online. On a smaller scale, he doesn’t have the URL squatted either – some guy John Paul DeVerna does."
  • Pretty Funny Stuff, applauds Ed Morrissey at Hot Air: "Neil Patel is obviously placing his tongue firmly in his cheek with the  'acquisition strategy' and rollout announcement.  It’s a parody of corporate communications, and a pretty humorous one at that.  That doesn’t mean they won’t exploit their new asset, of course, assuming they can hang on to it.  They already have a regular Olbermann column ('We watch because we’re paid to watch') that tracks the host’s daily performance, and the new URL would be perfect for it."
  • We'll Keep Our Eyes on This, writes Doug Mataconis at Outside the Beltway: "Not sure how long this will last until a domain squatting claim is made, but it should be fun to watch."

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