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In true Mother Jones fashion, David Corn's take goes against the grain:

My thoughts are w/ author/artist Joyce Brabner, Pekar's long-suffering (what else?) wife. Joyce, thanx for sharing Harv & keeping him going.less than a minute ago via web

ABC's Jake Tapper once gave a Pekar book to Peter Jennings, a man Harvey had either never heard of or had lots of complicated theories about. It was always one or the other with him.

Last Pekar book I bought was "Our Cancer Year." Bought it for Peter Jennings, but I don't think he ever got a chance to read it. :(less than a minute ago via UberTwitter

Los Angeles Times media blogger Joe Flint can't understand why Pekar's appearances on the old David Letterman show--an anomaly even in the 1980s--have not become the industry standard:

Watching clips of Letterman and Harvey Pekar. Remember when late night shows had interesting guests instead of just stars promoting films?less than a minute ago via web

Huffington Post reporter Jason Linkins sympathizes with Cleveland, and even manages to get in some finger-wagging:

I think Clevelanders should maybe reflect, because the loss of Pekar is much greater than the loss of LeBron.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Comics writer Matt Fraction hits the crotchety angle hard:

"So harvey pekar gets to the gates of heaven and goes, 'man, look at this line.'" #harveyless than a minute ago via web

Kissing Suzy Kolber's Mike Tunison cruelly, accurately sums up 98 percent of America's reaction:

Oh my God, a guy Paul Giamatti played died. No, not Pig Vomit. The depressing guy. No, that's the wine movie. The other one. The artsy one.less than a minute ago via web

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