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Obama's turn on the View meant that even the most serious-minded journalists had to tune in to daytime TV. Not that they were complaining too much:

Let's just anoint this one Best of the Best Tweets of the Day.

Obama tells The View plenty of blame to go around for Sherrod firing; Whoopi says same for Sister Act 2.less than a minute ago via TwitterGadget

Mark Knoller, meanwhile, furrows his brow and plays fact-checker.

Obama said he wanted to be on a show that Michelle watches. He said he watches it too, though misstated # of previous appearances.less than a minute ago via web

Mike Memoli's antennae go buzzing at a note of irony...

Obama told "View": "We shouldn't be campaigning all the time." (He went to two fundraisers after taping)less than a minute ago via web

...while David Corn is either very excited, or very sarcastic.

OMG! Barack Obama is on The View? The world will never be the same!less than a minute ago via web

Dave Weigel is clearly tiring of the summer news cycle.

"You only hate Palin because she's pretty" almost as tiresome as "you only hate Obama because you're racist."less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

And, as all roads lead to Rome, all news coverage eventually wends its way back to LeBron.

For 3 weeks, people whine about seeing too much LeBron coverage. Except when ESPN spikes a story about him. Then it becomes essential news.less than a minute ago via web

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