Victory Dance: Reactions to the U.S. Win

The Americans advance to the round of sixteen, and there is much rejoicing

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In a nail-biter of a final match, the U.S. team has qualified for the round of sixteen. Outplaying the Algerian side, the Americans nevertheless delivered shot after shot into the stands, against the post, and into the arms of the Algerian keeper. Finally, in the second minute of stoppage time, forward Landon Donovan hammered in a shot off the rebound, securing the goal the U.S. knew it needed to remain in the Cup given England's 1-0 lead on Slovenia. (And, in fact, to secure the top spot in Group C.) Here, top reactions from the final minutes and post-game celebrations.

  • New York Celebrates "My window is open here in Manhattan," writes The New York Times' Jeff Klein, "and when the Americans scored, you could hear the roar in the street. I've never heard anything quite like that here, to be honest."
  • Journalists Celebrate "I don't think @washingtonpost cheered that loud for the Pulitzer prize announcements," tweets the Post's Ed O'Keefe.
  • Iowa Celebrates The Guardian liveblog captures this comment from viewer Adam Large in the first half: " ... I'm watching in Iowa, not exactly a footballing Mecca, and people are going crazy ... The tired old line about America not caring certainly doesn't apply this year."
  • But It Was a Long Time in Coming A little over ten minutes before the game-winning goal, The Guardian's Paul Doyle--otherwise cordial--slips in what might be the funniest, if snarkiest, comment of the morning:
80 min: American change: Beasley on, Bornstein, having enhanced his reputation, jogs off. Meanwhile in the stand, Bill Clinton is anxiously sucking his nails. Couldn't he find someone to do that for him?
  • Speaking of Politics "BREAKING," quips The American Prospect's Adam Serwer, tossing his hat into the ring for humorous reactions: "WH announces Landon Donovan as McChrystal's replacement. 'We need another last minute win,' adviser says."
  • The Winning Goal Then, of course, there's Landon Donovan's reaction:

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