Sorry for Ref Mistakes, FIFA to Reconsider Technology

They said this day would never come

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In a surprising move from a man renowned for his resistance to technology, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has apologized for World Cup refereeing errors and promised to "reopen the discussion about the use of goal-line technology," according to The New York Times:

He ... said he would renew discussions about technology to determine if a goal was scored, as was the case in the England-Germany game, but not video replay that would have ruled out the Argentina goal against Mexico.

Is that enough to appease outraged World Cup-watchers?

  • The Case for Video Replay Previous arguments against technology "ring hollow," explains Robert Quigley at Geekosystem. "For one thing, allegations of corruption swirl around FIFA and even Mr. Blatter personally ... Less controversially, the problem with disputed calls is that they play such a pivotal role in the game: In a game where 1-0 is a common outcome for a match, it seems unfair that the happenstance of one ref call should be the difference between a 0-0 game and a 1-0 game, or a 1-0 victory and a 1-1 draw." Instead, the "main focus" of the game should be "the skill of the players themselves." Says Quigley, "even if the traditionalists win and FIFA decides not to allow video replay, there's no excuse not to enforce better reffing." He'd like to see the sport brought "into the 21st century, where it belongs."
  • The Case for FIFA Being Nuts The organization is "determined not to allow technology to interfere with the ineptitude of their officials," writes The Telegraph's Shane Richmond seemingly prior to the FIFA announcement. He agrees that introducing technology can create problems, like delaying play, breaking up the rhythm of the game, and creating different standards for different games (not all clubs can afford the same technology). But, he argues, "the fact that a problem cannot be solved perfectly is not an argument against solving it as best we can."
  • Lovely Little Announcement--Too Late for England "Blatter also admitted," relates Paul Lamkin at Pocket-lint, "that he had told the English FA that he was sorry that a refereeing mistake had cost its team a goal. There's no confirmation yet as to whether he said: 'But you still would have got stuffed anyway'. But we bet he did."
  • Hell Froze Over "I need to pinch myself," writes CrunchGear's Nicholas Deleon. "The drama continues, but at the very least it looks like Fifa may be turning around."
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