Social Media World Welcomes George W. Bush

Facebook? Twitter? What's next?

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On Wednesday, George W. Bush launched a Facebook page and appeared to have launched a Twitter account as well. The Internet hive-mind is loving it.

  • Welcome!  "Welcome my friend President George W. Bush to Facebook!" tweets former White House Counselor and Chairman of the Republic Party Ed Gillespie, one of the first. "Welcome, Mr. President!" tweets Karl Rove, obediently.
  • Congrats If You Can Thwart Mark Zuckerberg  Time's Kate Pickert digs through the Facebook postings to find the goods. One of the wall gems reads thus: "Welcome Mr. President. If the secret service can figure out how to set the security settings on your Face Book account correctly please pass it on to the rest of us."
  • And a Twitter Account?  "George W. Bush is now on Twitter," observes former Gawker editor The Cajun Boy, " ... and he follows Barack Obama AND Sarah Palin." (The account follows John McCain as well, and an account for the Republican Party)
  • Can't Fool Us  "You know damn well George Bush ain't sittin around tweetin and f-bookin on any social media," offers ordinary Twitter citizen haymakers. "Laura's doing it for him."
  • Investigating  Paul Brandus at the West Wing Report account weighs in: "A lady in Bush's TX office tells me she's unaware of a George W. Twitter acct. I'd make another call but am going to S-bucks instead." He does clarify a few minutes later: "Obama certainly doesn't write his tweets & neither does Bush, WWR suspects. Also disappointing," continues the update: "the Abe Lincoln acct. is phony."
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