Seinfeld Derides Lady Gaga's Overexposure

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The jerk store called, and they're runnin' out of Lady Gaga. That's right, comedian Jerry Seinfeld called the pop star a "jerk" on WFAN radio Monday in response to her recent antics at a New York Mets game. Twelve days ago, Gaga showed up at Shea Stadium and caused a scene when she removed her outerwear and began flipping off photographers. She was then moved from her front row seat to Seinfeld's empty box.

"This woman is a jerk, I hate her," Seinfeld joked. Interestingly, the discussion pivoted to a more serious tone when Seinfeld got on the subject of her overexposure:

I don't know what these young people think or how they promote their careers. I'm older, I'm 56. I'm not one of these all publicity is good people. People talk about you need exposure. You could die of exposure. I don't understand how this is good for her... Rhinestone bikinis and giving people the finger. She is talented I don't know why she's doing this stuff.
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