Rush Limbaugh and the New Scientist

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When one thinks of Rush Limbaugh's archives, one envisions stacks upon stacks of conservative periodicals such as National Review, The Weekly Standard, etc. Turns out, the boisterous broadcaster also keeps old copies of the New Scientist on hand. The weekly magazine, which routinely defends the science behind global warming, is an odd match for the outspoken climate change skeptic. Of course, it happened to serve his agenda on the day the media caught wind of Al Gore's separation from his wife:

We went back to our archives... I remembered this from our archives, December 3, 2007 (New A rising tide of divorce is taking a huge toll on the planet warns a ground-breaking analysis of the environmental impact of divorce. The environmental cost of a marriage splitting occurs because couples and their families move into separate properties after divorce, meaning they collectively occupy more space. That means they burn more energy and consume more water than they did as a family unit.

Obviously this was a tortured lead-in to the punchline "Hey! Gore's separation is polluting the environment! Not so green anymore, are you Al? Ho!" But we digress. Maybe Limbaugh fell in love with the New Scientist after its controversial 2009 Darwin Was Wrong issue. That issue at least seemed more up Limbaugh's alley.

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