Morning Vid: Maddow Skewers 'Xenophobe' Dislike of Soccer

We take it she likes the sport

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Hating on soccer is hardly the exclusive province of the right, but conservatives have, on the whole, indulged in more World Cup bashing than the left. This enthusiasm gap has been the cause of some surprisingly heated, culture-war style attacks, and Rachel Maddow is the latest to take up the lance. In a sarcasm-heavy segment titled "Futbol, liberal conspiracy," Maddow describes soccer as a nightmare for "an American xenophobe."

The idea that the rest of the world could be so thoroughly engrossed in an event that is not even remotely about us has some right-wing pundits in a soccer-phobic tizzy.

Maddow correspondent Kent Jones follows up with some satire of anti-World Cup views that borders on the heavy handed:

Have you noticed that both soccer and socialism start with the same three letters? .... Soccer is not just un-American. It is evil.

Of course, as the Atlantic Wire has noted, at least conservative newsmaker has been known to follow--and link to--World Cup reports.

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