Morning Vid: Colbert Skewers Glenn Beck's Claim to 'Divine Providence'

Martin Luther King you are not, Mr. Beck

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When Stephen Colbert devoted much of his program last night (enough for not one, but two morning vids) to mocking Glenn Beck's self-importance, the Huffington Post was overjoyed. Colbert skewered Beck for planning a rally on the exact date and location as Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream Speech." While Beck claimed "divine providence" that the location and time coincided, he also declared that it was time to "restore and finish" the now-"distorted" dream of the great civil rights leader.

"Finally, someone is bringing Martin Luther King's movement back to its conservative white roots," quipped Colbert. "It's a little known fact: they only turned those firehoses on to cool down the black protesters."

The tomfoolery begins in the first clip at 2:25.

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