Lunchtime Vid: Gibbs Curtly Rebuffs Olbermann, Stewart

Real America does not live in the TV

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It's been a rough week for President Obama in the microcosm of cable television. Jon Stewart's bitingly funny commentary has focused with increasing heat on the president. Keith Olbermann, the Obama administration's usual cable news defender, spent an installment of Countdown ripping Obama's Oval Office address. Such a noticeable change in the tone of the left-wing cable media establishment prompted a question from Mediaite's White House reporter Tommy Christopher as to the president's reaction. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs curtly dismissed both Olbermann and Stewart's criticims:

CHRISTOPHER: Jon Stewart last week and this week has been very critical of the President. Keith Olbermann last night really badly trashed the President’s speech. Is the President or the White House concerned at all about losing two such influential allies in the media?
GIBBS: No. No.

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