Lou Reed's High-Frequency Dog Concert

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Even for Lou Reed, this is pretty bizarre. This June, the former Velvet Underground frontman plans to perform a concert specifically for dogs. Most of the concert won't even be audible to humans ears. The "avant-garde" performance will be delivered at ultra-high, dog-friendly frequencies.

According to the BBC, Reed's wife, Laurie Anderson, got the inspiration for the show when she was backstage at a concert. She thought to herself: "Wouldn't it be great, if you were playing a concert and you look out and you see all dogs?"

Music for Dogs will take place in Sydney and will last 20 minutes due to most canines' relatively short attention spans. Already, the show has captured the imagination of blogs as diverse as Paw Nation, a pet lovers site, and NME, an alternative music site. The former being more interested in the concert's basic logistics ("All dogs must be kept on leashes, and humans must hold these leashes. Also, poop-scoop bags will be available") and the latter in the concert's supporting acts (" Rickie Lee Jones, Bardo Pond, Holly Miranda, My Brightest Diamond and Metric's Emily Haines, who will be accompanied by a string quartet"). Kind of gives a whole new meaning to Venus in Furs.

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