Letterman, Chuck D: LeBron Should Stay in Cleveland

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It's T-minus 48 hours until free agent LeBron James decides where to spend his next five or six years and NBA fans can actually breathe again. While speculation over where he'll end up has been swirling among commentators ever since the Cavaliers bowed out of the playoffs, two unlikely voices have joined the conversation: Chuck D and David Letterman. Regardless of their love for the New York Knicks, both agree, James should stay put in Cleveland.

In his show last night, Letterman questions Jay Z, part owner of the New Jersey Nets, about his desire to woo James east, saying, "You're a guy, and I'm a guy. If LeBron James wants to be a guy, he will stay where he is and not cut the heart out of that city, by leaving Cleveland."

Likewise, after his concert Sunday night, Chuck D, lead rapper for the group Public Enemy, spent some time talking to Branson Wright at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, about why LeBron should stay in Cleveland. He said, "What more is LeBron James going to get coming to New York?...This isn't 1983. New York isn't the media center of the world like it used to be before the Internet. Once Cleveland wins, the center of the (basketball) universe is here. How long was the center of the (basketball) universe in Chicago with Michael Jordan?"

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