Kevin Bacon vs. Bacon

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There are certain questions that have dogged man throughout history. How can freedom and the common good be best reconciled? What are the limits of technology? Is free will an illusion? Now, important philosophy website BuzzFeed is finally addressing one of these long-asked questions: which is better, bacon or Kevin Bacon? The animal food product and the spiky-haired actor have both made immeasurable contributions to Western society. Click below and see how they measure up.

Here are BuzzFeed's 50 reasons "bacon is better than Kevin Bacon." Each of the 50 reasons is just a photo of bacon, many of them portraying intensely disgusting uses of the food such as bacon bras and bacon underwear.

Here are BuzzFeed's 5 reasons "Kevin Bacon is better than bacon." Here are two of the most compelling, which should tell you something:

Jews (like Kyra Sedgwick) can enjoy Kevin Bacon, but not bacon

Kevin Bacon has starred in over 60 films. Bacon has never starred in any films.

Case closed?

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