Comic Diehards Grimace at Wonder Woman Makeover

DC Comics has a mutiny on its hands

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Inviting the wrath of comic book enthusiasts, DC Comics has re-imagined the superheroine Wonder Woman. The 69-year-old crime fighter now sports a more Gothic look with black tights and a "midnight blue jacket"—a less revealing ensemble than her earlier costume.  Her origin story has also changed: in lieu of growing up on Paradise Island, she gets smuggled out of her home to escape slaughter.

Comic purists and culture critics the world over are scolding the comic publisher for toying with the classic super hero.

  • They've Ruined Wonder Woman! writes an impassioned Nikki Finke: "I wish they'd just left her alone, especially since she's the only comic book character female I've ever admired. Of course, it took a bunch of men to ruin her. Look at the new costume design by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee below: she looks ready for Goth Day at the Sherman Oaks Galleria."
  • Fanboys Accept Story line,  Hate the Costume, reports the authority on all things comic books, " A perusal of the 389 comments in this Comic Book Resources thread reveals mixed reactions to the storyline -- they range from 'this sounds incredible' to 'This is really weird' to 'Hi, I'm J. Michael Stracynski. I ruined Spider-man. Who is next?' -- and largely negative reviews for the costume."
  • The Jacket's Gotta Go, writes Glen Weldon at NPR: "They've literally re-booted her: Gone are her signature chunky red villain-stompers, replaced by ... yellow straps of some kind. Over ... leggings? And then there's the jacket. Merciful Zeus, the jacket."
  • It Looks Like They Dragged Her to Hot Topic, writes Maura Johnston at The Awl: "So the overall vibe given off by her is darker, more serious, 'designed to be taken seriously as a warrior' — not to mention, more ready to be franchised into a tie-in clothing line for similarly disaffected female fans. (Think American Apparel, not Underoos.)"
  • Hopefully This Doesn't Last, writes Susana Polo at Geekosystem: "I’m not too outraged, because I’m pretty confident that the changes won’t stick around too long.  The story of in the first arc seems to be Wonder Woman trying to figure out why the gods changed her history (that she doesn’t remember) and how to or whether to turn it back.  But I’m disappointed, because it feels a lot like this new, more action-y, Wonder Woman is a move towards a more male oriented Wonder Woman, which is understandable, but too bad."
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