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David Corn wonders if Armando Galaragga can get the justice he deserves...

Can MLB award a perfect game after the fact? Well, if the Supreme Court can decide a presidential race....less than a minute ago via web

Rick Klein points to right field...

if the gov't says so: "I, Jennifer M. Granholm, gov of state of MI, do hereby declare Armando Galarraga to have pitched a perfect game."less than a minute ago via web

...Surprise! It's a bunt. Wait, what sport are we talking about?

I, Rick Klein, declare that John Starks went 3-18, not 2-18, in Game 7, and therefore the Knicks won '94 NBA Finals. #thanksgranholmless than a minute ago via web

Jeffrey Feldman makes the connection to today's political news pegs...

White House denies offering Jim Joyce unpaid position moments before he called Jason Donald safe at first base.less than a minute ago via web

...while David Waldman takes it one step further.

BREAKING: White House offers Kagan a job as a Supreme Court Justice if she'll agree to quit as Solicitor General!less than a minute ago via web

Meanwhile, Ezra Klein obviously doesn't understand the intended purpose of a bedtime story.

CBO director Doug Elmendorf gets started on the most boring children's book of all time. than a minute ago via web

Felix Salmon shows that while economics may be the dismal science, economists can be pretty interesting.

"P. Krugman is in a movie with P. Diddy?" than a minute ago via

Melinda Henneberger busts out the analogy of the day.

This just in from WH briefing room: Larry King is there, so skinny BO looks rotund by comparison...less than a minute ago via web

Paul Kedrosky applies consumer logic to Japan's leadership issues.

Japan should get some sort of bulk discount on prime ministers -- fifth in four years. What's OECD record here?less than a minute ago via Echofon

Only delrayser can combine ecological disasters and social media to produce a potent mixture of hilarious.

Obama returning to Gulf coast tomorrow. I hear he's 1 check-in away from unlocking the "I Care About the Oil Spill!" badge on Foursquare.less than a minute ago via web

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