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World Cup referee Koman Coulibaly, virtually unknown in the U.S. only a few hours ago, has quickly become a figure of national scorn for his controversial decision to recall a potentially game-winning goal by the U.S. team against Slovenia. Now Coulibaly, a Mali native, is finding out what happens when you mess with America. The cowboy nation is going Shock and Awe on Coulibaly's Wikipage entry, vandalizing the page with such zingers as "Coulibaly is rumoured to hate the United States of America with the burning passion of a white hot sun." Here are some other edits that found their way into his page:

[Coulibaly] is best known for ruining USA's chances at making it past the first round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Coulibaly is a blind clown who makes poor decisions during crucial World Cup matches. His name appears on the Slovenia government's payroll.
Koman even gave out a yellow card to Robbie Findlay (of the US) in the same game, after he was hit in the face with...the ball? Koman definetely stole the show in the US-Slovenia game.
Coulibaly's exploits have drawn comparisons to such sporting pariahs as Jim Joyce, Don Denkinger, Tim Donaghy, and even BP CEO Tony Heyward.
Scientifically proven worst referee of the century. The worst.

Mission accomplished.

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