4 Ways to Defend Glenn Beck's Book Without Reading It

The backlash to the backlash of Beck's new book

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Glenn Beck's new book The Overton Window hit bookstores Tuesday and the reviews aren't too favorable. Perhaps the most withering was Steven Levingston's in the Washington Post, which called the novel "paranoid" and a potential "handbook" for extremists. That review really incensed a number of Beck fans who say it lacks "necessary objectivity." Interestingly enough, those right-leaning pundits have another thing in common: they haven't read Beck's book. Witness the debate over a book no one read:

  • Tim Graham at Newsbusters: "I have not read the book, but I doubt it's a racist manifesto like 'The Turner Diaries.' Levingston's quotations here don't exactly suggest his characters are saying 'let's blow up a federal building with an ammonia bomb.'"
  • John Miller at National Review:  "The review's headline calls the book 'paranoid.' But that sounds like a more accurate description for the reviewer, Steven Levingston. I haven't read Glenn Beck's new thriller, The Overton Window. So I don't have an opinion about it (Though I did write this, yesterday.) The guy who read it for the Washington Post can't find a better point of reference than an infamous racist tract and thinks it may inspire right-wing terrorism."
  • Meredith Jessup at Townhall: "The Left is already bashing it, despite rave reviews from authors such as Vince Flynn (love him!), Brad Meltzer and Nelson DeMille.PS--the poem featured in Beck's trailer is this one by Rudyard Kipling, despite folks on the Left claiming that each 'over-the-top-line' was written by Beck himself. 
  • Jill at Pundit and Pundette: "I'm not praising the book, which I haven't read, and for all I know is as lousy as Steven Levingston says it is. But methinks he lacks a necessary objectivity, revealed in his expressed fear that the book is dangerous and will inspire future Timothy McVeighs."
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