Lady Gaga, Intern

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As everyone who's been one knows, there's a certain degree of humility required for those who choose to become interns. It's the bottom rung of the corporate ladder and, depending on where one works, it can be tedious and sometimes belittling. That's why many were stunned upon hearing that Lady Gaga applied for an internship with Philip Treacy, a hat maker (or "milliner" in fashion speak). Does the famously sassy pop star have what it takes? Steff Yotka at Fashionista has his doubts:

Most interns’ regular tasks include getting coffee, organizing samples, sorting mail, and assisting superiors. Somehow we just can’t picture Lady Gaga doing any of these things.

Fashion interns trek samples all over town, get up early and stay up late, and are the working class backbone of the fashion industry. While we’re excited to see what Gaga has to produce and what she’ll learn, let’s be honest and say she will definitely not be a real intern.
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