Glenn Beck vs. Tony Soprano

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Fictional HBO mob boss Tony Soprano and fiction-obsessed Fox News host Glenn Beck are not two characters you'd expect to interact much. But they apparently did just that recently. Or, rather, Soprano actor James Gandolfini interacted with Beck. According to Beck, when he saw Gandolfini at a recent event, the actor asked rhetorically, "What is Satan doing here?"

Beck took revenge the best way he knows how: By telling his millions of viewers that James Gandolfini is awful and wondering, "Why are you glorifying killing, mobsters, whoredom." In a segment that feels more like a confessional or psychiatry session than the usual Obama-is-a-nazi-communist-buy-gold performance, Beck puts on his best sad puppy face and explains how Gandolfini was mean to him. Oh no!

Beck explained that Gandolfini later apologized. "But I thank him for at least being a man of honor and apologizing," Beck said.

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