Glenn Beck Goes Silent

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(Hat tip: Mediaite)

Glenn Beck has uttered some of the most memorable words, rants, sobs, barks and screams in pundit history. The Fox News pundit has yapped like a terrier at President Obama's stimulus claims...

...mocked James Cameron while wearing 3-D glasses...

...hit dog-whistle level while screaming at a caller on his radio show...

...and cried his eyes out time and time again.

All of Beck's signature moments had one thing in common: the sound of his voice. But this week, to highlight a comment by President Obama regarding the rich, Beck stayed silent for a full two minutes and let his chalkboard do the talking.

After playing a clip of Obama saying: "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money," Beck quietly went where he'd never gone before, writing the estimated net worth of several high-profile liberals--including the Clintons, Al Gore and George Soros--on the chalkboard without saying a word. The only sound was the chalk and Obama's clip on feedback loop.

Beck then went to another board and wrote a message to the president:

Why don't you ask your friends to set the example on how much is too much?

The Fox News pundit tacitly signed his name and ended his silent protest by walking off the set.

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