Conan Lights Up the Googleplex

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Up until Conan O'Brien's recent foray into Tweeting, the red-headed comic wasn't known for his tech savvy. In fact, he seemed to relish the days of yore. So when he took his comedy tour to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California, it made for an interesting meeting of the minds. At the outset, he marveled at how young Google's employees are. He seemed astonished that they might not know what The Cosby Show is.

Nevertheless, it's already apparent the visit was a success. The 48-minute clip has over 350,000 views, making Conan the fourth most watched video in Google's long-running guest speaker series (That puts him behind Ron Paul, Barack Obama and Christoper Hitchens—which have been on the Web for over two years.) As David Silverberg at NOW applauds, "You can tell Conan is in his element here, even when he jokes on Web 2.0 geekery such as Twitter tweets and search engine tips."

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