Best Tweets: Oil Spill Edition, Redux

Tweet, baby, tweet

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As the Gulf coast oil spill rapidly expands, so does the pool of tweets referencing the ecological disaster:

Politico's Ben Smith reports a close call for a potentially awkward meal:

Dept. of Interior just canceled a lunch today honoring the safety record of ... BP

Mother Jones' Nick Baumann pokes fun at the conservative brand of constitutional interpretation:

Where in the Constitution does it say that the Federal government has the power to cap runaway oil wells?

David Waldman takes a shot at Rush Limbaugh:

Leave the oil slick alone. It's as natural as forcing your maid to do drug deals for you.

Newsweek/Slate columnist Daniel Gross draws attention to some uneven coverage:

Has anybody noticed any articles on the WSJ op-ed page in recent days dealing with the oil spill? Me neither

Speaking of oil, Gregg Carlstrom of Al Jazeera comments on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's fashion sense:

It looks like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wears Transitions lenses.

In other news, Dave Weigel mocks the Drudge Report...

Drudge doubles down on the "Obama affair" story by linking to an article from... October 2008. SCOOP!

...while Paul Kedrosky reminds us that financial crises can be sexy, too:

SocGen rogue trader Jerome Kerviel says in new book he was just a "prostitute" in "great banking orgy"
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