Tuesday's Top Tweets: D.C. Heat Wave Edition

WestWingReport on the Obama-Karzai rift, a March Madness quip from Mother Jones, and more

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WestWingReport on the growing tensions between the White House and Hamid Karzai

Will the upcoming visit by Karzai be cancelled? Gibbs hints that it could be, if the Afghan leader keeps yapping like he has been. #WHBrief

Mother Jones editor David Corn drolly responds to a dire warning from the Heritage Foundation

I'm leaving work & heading to collectivized farm now. RT @davidfrum Heritage Found says US no longer a "free country." http://bit.ly/Mr0zq

The Mother Jones group feed adds a March Madness update worthy of 221B Baker Street

The Butler Almost Did It http://bit.ly/9tOv3f

The Nation blogger Greg Mitchell gives a new take on a 60s cinema classic

Wasn't this a scene in Barbarella? RT @Janefonda Me in the bath blogging from my blackberry http://bit.ly/dvpEBS

Matt Yglesias offers a sardonic take on the current D.C. heat wave

Projected high of ninety degrees today. Al Gore sure is a moron!

D.C. blogger Dave Weigel adds his two cents, perhaps more than we needed

That's probably enough biking in a suit for today.

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