Top Tweets: SCOTUS Edition

Breaking down Stevens' resignation and possible replacements

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The Nation's Christopher Hayes offers an early epitaph for Justice Stevens' tenure after he announced he will be stepping down from the Supreme Court.

Justice Stevens is one of the absolute great heroes of American liberalism over the past several decades.

The American Prospect's Adam Serwer is giddy over short-list speculation for Obama's SCOTUS nominee.

Having fun speculating with some of the military commissions attorneys on who will replace Stevens. I think it's between Wood and Kagan.

At the Washington Post, Ezra Klein snarkily ties Stevens' retirement to Larry Summers' recent grumblings.

Beginning of the week: Larry Summers is unhappy at WH and wants a bigger role. End of week: Stevens retires. COINCIDENCE!?

Daily Kos editor Markos Moulitsas retweets a SCOTUS take with a whimsical Rachel Maddow-Scott Brown bent.

RT @JoSpiv: according to Scott Brown, Obama is going to nominate @Maddow for SCOTUS.

Firedoglake blogger Spencer Ackerman is already fed up with the whole speculating-who-next's thing.

Hey, can someone else write a pure-speculation SCOTUS short-list listicle? PRETTY PLEASE???

BONUS: It's not SCOTUS-related, but David Corn's stunned reaction to a Fox News editorial decision is Twitter gold.

Fox cuts from Palin to Obama. Please, check thermostat in hell.
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