People More Excited About 'Clash of the Titans' Before Movie Than After

It was all fun and games until the movie actually came out

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There's been a lot of pent up excitement surrounding this weekend's release of Clash of the Titans. Not because of its $70 million budget or eye-popping 3-D effects. But because of Liam Neeson's iconic voice in the film's trailer:

Dressed in glowing white armor, he yells "Release the Kraken!" and a giant sea monster emerges from the water. Those three words were all it took for a prolific Internet meme to take off. Creative types began submitting videos and doctored photos of what a Kraken should look like. The Web site gathered some particularly charming reader submissions:

Unfortunately, for the film's creators, the actual movie itself has been getting dismal reviews:

  • Incredibly Boring, writes David Edelstein at NPR: "Clash of the Titans makes a good case study in what's wrong with the Hollywood blockbuster mentality. Let's start by saying it's not a train wreck -- a train wreck would be more entertaining. Honest craftsmen toiled to give it life. Accomplished actors clearly worked hard to conceal their boredom...Apart from Neeson's haggard majesty, there isn't a whisper of feeling in Clash of the Titans."
  • Dreadful Characters, writes Hugh Hart at Wired: "Saddled with generic dialogue and the kind of stentorian acting style that went out of fashion half a century ago, the actors in Clash of the Titans emote on cue and fight with vigor, but their humorless characters go begging for distinctive personalities."
  • Laughable Accents, writes Megan McArdle at The Atlantic: "The movie's accents also deserve their own paragraph, because they are hilarious. The French-born director either couldn't hear the different accents of his cast, or didn't care. This gave them creative license to each decide on their own "foreign" accent in which to deliver their lines. There are Ancient Greeks speaking Greek with an English accent, Ancient Greeks speaking Greek with French, German and Russian accents, even two ersatz Arabs who are supposed to be the comic relief."
  • Ditto, writes Dan Kois at The Washington Post: "Clash of the Titans is the latest example of Hollywood's belief that any terrible script can be made palatable if you just throw enough money and British accents at it."
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