Morning Vid: Stewart Eviscerates 'Terrible, Cynical' Fox News

Complete with a "F--- you" chorus

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Jon Stewart has fired countless salvos at Fox News, attacking everything from their commentators to their logo. But when Fox's Bernie Goldberg mocked Stewart and his audience, the Daily Show host unleashed a titanic response, lampooning Goldberg and labeling Fox "the lupus of news."

Stewart responded directly to Goldberg's charge that he "better find some guts." "Not all of us have your guts Bernie," he sneered. "It takes a tough man to walk into [Bill] O’Reilly’s lion’s den to criticize liberal elites." Sufficiently warmed up, Stewart laid into Goldberg and Fox with one searing indictment after another.

You can’t criticize me for not being ‘fair and balanced.’ That’s your slogan. Which by the way, you never follow.


I know that I criticize you and Fox News a lot, but only because you’re truly a terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization.


Fox News is such a crazed overreaction to that perceived [liberal] threat. You’re like an auto-immune disorder. I’m not saying that the virus doesn’t exist in some small quantity. But you’re producing way too many antibodies. Fox News, you're the lupus of news.

With a group of backup singers behind him, Stewart ended the epic segment with a chorus of "go f--- yourself," gleefully repeating the slam while the crowd roared.

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