Mike Tyson vs. Cannolis

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To this day, Mike Tyson holds records for being the youngest man to win various heavyweight boxing titles, and has a reputation for blustery intimidation. But in his retirement years, there is one foe he hasn't been able to stare down: cannoli.

The tasty Italian pastry gets Tyson worked up during a segment he shot with Reese Waters of the TV show The Daily Line, called Tea With Tyson. The boxer, who famously bit off part of an opponent's ear, spends roughly 45 seconds of the 4-minute clip explaining his crushing defeat at the hands of one of Italy's most famous desserts. Here's the clip (partial transcript, as best we can decipher, follows):

Reese: "We have some cannolis here. That's my personal weakness, is cannolis. You talk a lot about strengths and weaknesses. What would you say is your weakness, as I offer you a cannoli?"

Tyson: "Let me tell you, I grew up -- I hate cannolis. I hate to watch my mentor choke and still talk of these things. He loved it. They're too sweet, you know, I just never got into these things. They're like a curse to me. They're just horrible, yeah."

R: "But maybe you can break a barrier here. We can examine your issues with cannolis."

T: "No, I examined. And that's how I come under those circumstances with the relationship with Mike Tyson-cannolis. We have a relationship here. It's not as if I just saw them and I judged them. I've had experience with them, I've had engagements with them, and it didn't turn out pretty nice."

R: "So you're committed to a no-cannoli life?"

T: "Absolutely."

R: "Sorry Rob, no cannolis for Mike."

T: "No way jose."

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