Happy Hour Vid: Fox Pundit Calls Jon Stewart a 'Safe Jay Leno'

It's just another day in the world of punditry

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Last night on his show, Bill O'Reilly played clips of Jon Stewart slamming Fox contributor Bernie Goldberg for generalizations about the left. Bernie Goldberg, questioned by O'Reilly about the charges, said Stewart was right (1:28).

But don't get too worked up about the détente. Addressing Stewart directly, Goldberg goes on to say Stewart should turn his gaze inward and recognize that his own coverage is skewed (2:25). Goldberg gives an example: when Stewart had columnist Frank Rich on the show, instead of questioning him he "gave him a lapdance; you practically had your tongue down his throat." (3:00) And if Stewart doesn't take Goldberg's advice and mock liberals with greater enthusiasm? Well then:
You're not nearly as edgy as you think you are. You're just a safe Jay Leno with a much smaller audience but you get to say the f-bomb which gives your incredibly unsophisticated audience the illusion that you're courageous and that you're a renegade--but it's only an illusion.
Just another day in the world of punditry. Have a look:

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