Glenn Beck: A Conservative Jon Stewart?

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Is Glenn Beck really all that different from Jon Stewart? If he is, he didn't used to be, says Beck. On Monday night's show the Fox News firebrand compared his early years as a conservative talk radio host to Stewart's current gig at Comedy Central:

If you've been a listener of mine for -- gosh, it's almost been 10 years now, me on the radio -- then you might remember a time when my radio show was based in comedy...It was much more like Jon Stewart really on the radio.  We would look at the news of the day.  And try to make our points, but make them in a funny way.  Obviously, I was conservative, where Jon Stewart is not.

Beck's remarks came in response to a Forbes profile that quoted him saying he's in the "entertainment" business. We're not sure how Stewart has reacted to Beck's comparison but he might actually be flattered. After all, Stewart's the one who's been emulating Beck as of late:

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