Double Down Needs Pork, Nacho Cheese

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Most folks seem to agree that KFC's new Double Down sandwich is disgusting: the ne plus ultra of fast food excess (as it was apparently intended to be).

On Monday, tongue seemingly firmly implanted in bacon-filled cheek, the Boston Globe editorial board dares to disagree. Far from being too gross, they argue it doesn't go far enough:

If the American public is serious about rejecting all sensible dietary guidelines, KFC completely fails to deliver. The Double Down poses as the atomic bomb of artery-clogging, but it’s really just a grenade. Many people would have to wait years for a heart attack, even if they ate one every day.

In fact, the editors conclude, "the Double Down is just a 540-calorie disappointment." Americans should know: "If there’s one thing Americans are qualified to do, it's judge fast-food sandwiches." Exit question: "Would it have killed KFC to add ground beef? Some pork? And, to wash the whole thing down a bit, a bucket of nacho cheese for dipping?"

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