CNN vs. Every Other News Site

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At TechCrunch, MG Siegler points us to a new service, WTF CNN?, that juxtaposes CNN's real-time home page with those of Reuters, BBC, Al Jazeera, and a handful of other news sites. ("WTF," for those who may not know, is a popular Web acronym used to express incredulity.) The point is to illustrate the disconnect between what CNN often reports on and what the rest of the world considers news. Or, as Siegler puts it, "Bombs are exploding around the world, people are dying -- but wait, what's Tiger Woods thinking right now? Also, how do you harness the power of bugs?"

The first thing you see at WTF CNN? is the following message.

Dear CNN,

We know you think this is what we want, but it's not. We don't care what random Tweeters think about a news story, how many holograms you have in your Situation Room, or even the latest celebrity gossip.

We care about our world. Instead of using your resources to do the journalism that gives us a better understanding of this world -- we get the front page of

Why do we have to look enviously at the front page of Al-Jazeera English for a better sampling of important news stories at any given time? If the CNN frontpage is a reflection of consumer demand, are we to believe that their readers demand real journalism?

Consider this a gentle nudge from the anonymous Internet, CNN.

PS. We still love Wolf's beard.

In fairness to CNN, the lead story on the site at the time of this writing was a thoroughly unfrivolous piece about sex slavery in Nepal. (Though the lead story on the afternoon of April 28 was a bit less probing.)

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