Chinese Teen 'The Next Susan Boyle'

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Since Susan Boyle became an overnight sensation in the UK--and around the world--the media has been on the lookout for the next unknown figure-turned-You Tube sensation. And when Chinese teenager Lin Yu Chun belted out a sublime version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," the press leapt, immediately dubbing himĀ "The Next Susan Boyle." Every outlet around eagerly rushed to make the obvious comparison--especially in their headlines. (Chun begins his virtuoso performance at the 1:10 mark.)

  • "Has Taiwan Found the Next Susan Boyle?" CNN asks. Mallory Simon educates the masses: "Even if you've never heard his name before, you may be about to get familiar with Lin Yu Chun. Think Susan Boyle name recognition giving Whitney Houston a run for her money - vocally, of course."
  • "Next SuBo on Taiwan Show" reports The Sun, as the UK paper opts for the wittiest possible headline. Harry Haydon opens: "This young lad is threatening to steal Susan Boyle's crown as this year's most unexpected musical superstar."
UPDATE: The New York Times runs with: "Is This the New Susan Boyle?"

UPDATE: Keith Olbermann piles on: "Taiwan finds itself a Susan Boyle"

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