Chastened Tiger Woods Delivers Poignant Presser

In his first open Q&A since the scandal, he owns up to failures

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On Monday, Tiger Woods gave his first genuine press conference since the colossal sex scandal that exposed his private life to the world last November. In a 35-minute back-and-forth with the media, he denied rumors of illegal drug use, apologized to fellow golfers for the media circus at this year's Masters, and took responsibility for the scandal. Here's how media observers and sports columnists are receiving his words:

  • This Is the Start of Tiger's Second Life, writes Jason Sobel at ESPN: "I think he appeared relieved. Just wanted to get this over with. He knew that as soon as this was over, he could turn to another chapter in his life. This was sort of the final part of the last five months. From here, the story becomes more about golf -- and so I think he was excited for this final part to be over."
  • He Took Responsibility, writes Zennie Abraham at the San Francisco Chronicle: "In all Tiger Woods did an incredible job of 'manning up' to what happened and admitted that he still has 'a long way to go.' He's rediscovered meditation and says he does it with his Mom as part of his effort to 'keep centered.'"
  • He Was Scant on Details, writes the ever-prurient New York Post staff. When a reporter asked a question they write "Finally the sex rehab question!" To the Post's disappointment, Woods said "That's personal" without elaborating. He said after receiving sex therapy he knew he had done wrong.
  • It Was Poignant, writes Mark Memmott at NPR: "One of the most emotional moments came when he spoke of missing his son's first birthday. Woods was in rehab at the time. 'I vowed I'd never miss another one after that,' he told reporters, his voice halting just a bit."
  • Denied Using Performance Enhancing Drugs, notes Lynn Zinser at The New York Times. One of Woods's doctors is under investigation for distributing performance-enhancing drugs prompting reporters to ask if Woods had taken human growth hormone. He denied this, saying, "He never gave me H.G.H. or any P.E.D.s ... I have never taken any of those. I've never taken any illegal drugs in my life."
  • He Sounded Sincere, writes Chris Stevenson at Slam! Sports Blog: "Woods is saying all the right things - about being better behaved on and off the course - but only time is going to prove if he's sincere." Woods told reporters, "I need to be a better man than I was before."
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