Best Tweets: Tax Day Edition

The taxed and the furious

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With Americans forking over their hard-earned bucks to the federal government, the Twitterati are turning to levity to lessen the sting of taxation:

Former Mother Jones writer Corbin Hiar employs an interesting analogy:

I've decided to stop reading about taxes and finally do mine. Doing taxes, like yoga, is much less interesting in practice than theory.

Remember Obama's Nobel Peace prize? CBS's Mark Knoller does:

Obama's return incl letter from Nobel Prize Committee certifying that all of his $1.4-million Peace Prize $ went directly to charities.

Blogger pourmecoffee offers an interesting take on Obama's tax returns:

Surprising. Obama did not claim Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh as dependents even though their income totally dependent on him.

The Nation's Washington editor Chris Hayes shares his two cents:

Obamas paid total $1.7 tax on $5.5 million, which is 31%, which is, um, not that much.

Of course, Tax Day brought the Tea Party protesters from across the country together to stand up to the intrusive grasp of the government. Some dispatches from the front lines:

Mother Jones DC bureau chief David Corn cracks wise:

And he's not paying any rent! RT @mikemadden Victoria Jackson has the crowd chanting, "There's a Communist living in the White House"

Kevin Drum doesn't think the anti-government hysteria is funny at all, irked by questions over government regulation of the economy:

Goddamit, can we all stop blathering about whether we were better off in 1880? We weren't. Any other questions?
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