Best Tweets: Nuclear Summit, Day One Edition

Striving for a nuke-free Twitterverse

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As journalists flocked to Washington DC for the nuclear security summit, many discovered that the first day of bilateral talks wasn't overflowing with exciting news.

NBC's Chuck Todd deploys his powers of interpretation to Obama's meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan

It's a POTUS Bi-Lat-apalooza. Basic readout from meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan: indirect Mideast peace talks need to start NOW

The West Wing Report reports on the lack of news

Pool entered the Obama-Razak (Malaysia) meeting at 11:34 for all of 30 seconds. No news, no quotes, nothing. Not a peep.

...before contributing some more serious commentary.

If nuke materials had the kind of security there is at the nuclear security summit, there'd be no need for a nuclear security summit

Most other Twitterati, meanwhile, strayed to other topics:

Blogger delrayser lends analysis to Conan O'Brien's recent professional move

Weird. As part of TBS deal, on weekend nights @ConanOBrien will be required to pitch middle relief for the Braves.

Adam Serwer shows that video games are no longer just for kids

Getting the feeling that Dick Cheney would love the new Splinter Cell

Chuck Todd gets a laugh out of political fervor caused by Justice Stevens' resignation announcement

LOL'd on this by Amy Klobuchar denying SCOTUS talk: "You can't imagine how many times I referred to myself as a 'wise Slovenian woman."

Despite his wonky background, Ezra Klein's patience for legislative jargon is wearing thin...

The terms in the FinReg debate are just terrible: "Over the counter." "Resolution authority." Ugh.

...although not at thin as Matthew Yglesias's:

"FinReg" is even worse
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