Best Tweets: Friday Barbecue Edition

Two points make a line

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The White House Press Room tweeter follows the Obamas to a barbecue joint in Asheville, North Carolina.

WestWingReport: The President made small talk with the cashier. She said her name was Courtney. An employee said "Everybody waits in line here."

In apparently unrelated barbecue news, David Weigel steps away from commentary for a moment to lay down some cold, hard empiricism.

daveweigel: A pulled pork sandwich is almost always a good idea. #sciencefacts

Mother Jones's David Corn updates Potter Stewart's maxim for the post-collapse era.

DavidCornDC: One SEC atty to another: "How do you know what's insider trading?" Other SEC atty: "I know it when I see it." #secporn

Onion editor Baratunde Thurston gets a blast from the past.

baratunde: Amtrak conductor just offered me a magazine. I'm like SON, I AM READING ON MY IPAD. GET THAT ARTIFACT OUT OF MY FACE

Blogger delrayser faces a choice no one should have to make.

delrayser: Haircut… or cocktail? Haircut… or cocktail? Dammit, why has no one invented a speakeasy barbershop yet?!?!

And by Tim Fernholz's logic, if the capital of America were Seattle, we would have had seven world wars by now.

TimFernholz: I wonder how much of the country understands how much their national news is affected by good weather in D.C. on a Friday...
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