Best Tweets: Crossing the Line Edition

Hold on to your monocle!

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It was an unusually provocative day in the Twitterverse, although we do live in an age where pantsless griffins go wantonly running around. Reason's Dave Weigel and Daily Kos's David Waldman, in particular, found themselves dovetailing at the unlikely intersection of air travel and shock value.

Here's Weigel packing as much offense into 140 characters as he can:

daveweigel: I'm pro-choice, but only if tests determine that the baby might be on a plane with me someday.

And here's Waldman offering up the kind of fever-dream scenario that only a news junkie would conceive of:

KagroX: I'm on a plane myself, stuck in a middle seat between a Qatari and a girl with a backwards B scratched in her cheek.

Swept up in the Bob McDonnell conversation, blogger delrayser has a Marty McFly moment:

delrayser: I leave DC for the day & when I get back everyone's debating slavery? Acela: so fast, it arrives 200 yrs before you left.

Meanwhile, author, comedian, and Onion editor Baratunde Thurston launches a new hashtag that may or may not please Tavis Smiley:


And from HuffPo blogger Arthur Delaney--you have to scroll a bit to get to this joke, but it's worth it:

ArthurDelaneyHP: today in hilarious deadpan photo captions
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