Best Tweets: Brief Reference to 'The Wire' Edition

Other stuff happened, but we find this most exciting

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The oil-slick disaster forces green-leaning blogger delrayser to rethink everything he once knew.

  • delrayser: So bubblin crude coming up from the ground isn't as great as the Beverly Hillbillies led us to believe? Feel so cheated.

The Washington Independent's Spencer Ackerman warms the hearts of all David Simon fans.

Master of the one-liner David Waldman unveils his new border-security plan.

  • KagroX: I'm gonna drive around Arizona and throw sombreros on the ground near suspicious looking characters. If you dance, you're BUSTED!

National Review's Daniel Foster takes a step back to survey his chosen field.

  • DanFosterNRO: The brave new face of conservative journalism // RT @TheDailyCaller Man dies after having eel inserting in rectum during a horrible prank

Conservative jack-of-all-trades Andrew Breitbart dreams up an event that would be real in a perfect world.

  • AndrewBreitbart: George Soros Presents 1stAnnual MediaMatters WHCorrespondentsDinner AfterParty. Complimentary Hoax Pimp(r) vs Legit Pimp(tm) Detection Session.

There's a context for this--something having to do with English football--but it's funnier to imagine that this is just what MSNBC's Joe Scarborough thinks on an average day.

  • JoeNBC: The Death Star must be destroyed. Sir Alex must be vanquished.
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