Best Tweets: April Fools' Edition

Did the Internet ruin pranks?

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Michelle Malkin shares her favorite April Fools' joke

Worst April Fools' joke of the year: Blue Dog Democrats.

The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel imagines the best Apple prank ever:

Apple could WIN APRIL FOOLS DAY if it turned out that iPads were just iPhones that came with magnifying glasses.

On the magazine's Twitter account, Mother Jones news editor Dan Schulman is praying they have April Fools' Day in Afghanistan:

Hamid Karzai: Practical Joker?

The Note's Rick Klein remembers why he hates today:

I'm re-learning, on this #AprilFools, that politicians are not as funny as they think they are

CBS News and Slate correspondent John Dickerson waxes nostalgic:

April Fools Day, when the Internet is like that guy you had your locker next to in school.

Spencer Ackerman thinks April Fools should be an after-lunch affair:

(ahem) sending around fake AP stories before I've had caffeine is a fucking no-no.

Chuck Todd remembers the beauty of pranks during simpler times:

I miss April Fool's; this is one gag holiday that I feel like the internet has ruined.
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