Tuesday's Top Tweets: Vice Presidential Profanity Edition

Hide the kids!

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President Obama signed health care reform into law today, bringing an end to months of legislative finagling (while launching a new era of debate). The Twitterati was interested in little else--though Joe Biden's F-bomb, excitedly murmured to Obama a little too close to a hot mic, threatened to upstage the main story.

It's been a while since Rick Klein of The Note watched that Schoolhouse Rock video.

David Weigel, of Reason and The Washington Independent, reminds us what's really important.

David Waldman of Daily Kos keeps a cool head.

CBS News' Mark Knoller and ABC News' Jake Tapper round up the BFD fallout, including what must be a record for meme-to-T-shirt turnaround. Wired's Steve Silberman takes the long view. Meanwhile, blogger Miles Grant thoughtfully does our job for us.

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